Ng Mui
(one of the Five Elders
of Shaolin Monastery)
Yim Wing-chun
(learned Wing Chun Kuen from
Ng Mui for self-defence)
Leung Bok-chau
(Yim Wing-Chun's husband)
Leung Lan-kwai
Wong Wah-bo
(learned the pole form
from Leung Yee-tai)
Leung Yee-tai
(added his pole form to the
system he learned from Wong)
Leung Jan
Chan Wah-shun
Yip Man
Koo Sang Leung Ting
Alan Lamb Steve Cottrell
Rustin Coones
AKFB Lineage

In traditional Kung Fu systems, lineage is used to establish both the authenticity of the art, and the credentials of the Sifu. While lineage is no substitute for skill, it is an important link to the past, and to the practicioners who honed the art over generations. At AKFB, we can trace our Kung Fu lineage back hundreds of years, to the the origins of Wing Chun Kuen itself.