Tai Chi Chuan Classes at AKFB

Tai Chi Chuan for Health

Tai Chi Chuan classes at AKFB emphasize the devolpment of strength, balance, and motion coordinated with breathing. A typical class will consist of 30 minutes or so of instructor led light stretching, warmup, and exercises which cultivate flexibility, proper posture, breathing, coordination, balance, and expression of power in technique. Individual stepping patterns are also practiced the way they are utilized in the form. After that, students practice the Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style 24 and 48 frame forms together for the remainder of class. The class atmosphere is one of serious focus, but also support, encouragement, comraderie, and fun. As members of a wider Kung Fu family, we seek to not only cultivate our own Kung Fu skills, but those of our peers as well.

There are two Tai Chi classes, one open to the general public on Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon, and one on Monday and Wednesday mornings for Senior Citizens only (age 60+)

Class Schedule

Authentic Kung Fu Burleson
473-B E. Renfro Street
Burleson, TX 76028
Phone: 817-673-0558


Tai Chi for Seniors(60+)
Mon & Wed 10:00am-11:00am

Tai Chi for Health(all ages)
Tue & Thu 6:00pm-7:00pm


Loose-fitting clothes and comfortable, flat-soled athletic shoes with socks. Shirts must have sleeves. Uniform shirts and pants are available, but not required.


Tai Chi classes are structured for adults, and are appropriate for all ages 12+.


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